Monday, 26 May 2014


Fed up with staying in on Sunday afternoon I popped down to Marsh Lane for a bit of exercise.

When sitting in the Oak hide Paul Johnson spotted a Cuckoo right across the pool on some fencing by the bridge.Hoping that it would be a bit nearer I raced to the railway hide spurred on by the fact that I hadn't got a decent shot of a Cuckoo for a couple of years now. 

Well I still haven't because although it was a bit nearer it was still way out of range of my lens for a decent shot but very nice to see.Without warning it took off and flew at the back of the hide coming pretty close.I managed to rattle off 5 shots but when I checked they were all of blurred trees.Wonderful ! ! If I'd been on the ball I could have got a decent flight shot. 

The only other time I woke the camera up was having a go at some Med. Gull flight shots.Shouldn't have bothered as I didn't do too well there either.

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