Friday, 23 May 2014


After I had paid the hotel bill and packed all my stuff and as it was again very nice weather I headed the few miles east to the Red Kite feeding site where I intended to stay till early afternoon before setting off home.

Got there just after 9.00 AM and had the place to myself (the centre doesn't open till 10.00 AM) so I thought I'd go into landscape mode and take a few shots in the glorious morning sunshine.The first shot is looking west towards Aberystwyth and the sea the others are from around the lake.It's a very nice spot.Pity about the trees that had to be cut down on the hill at the back in the Winter (Larches that were diseased). 

After an early morning coffee in cafe I decided to walk along the lakeside path to see if I could find anything to point the camera at.How far had I got after 90 minutes ? Precisely 50m.Why was this then ? Because I'd found a female Pied Flycatcher and battle was joined to try and get some shots of this little beauty.

The battle was uneven to say the least.The battle ground had been picked by the Flycatcher and she had picked very well with bright backgrounds and loads of twigs,leaves,branches to hide behind and deep shadow all on her side.All I'd got was my photography skills.I was in trouble then.

She disappeared for a while quite often but always came back in a different spot.These are my best shots amongst scores of dreadful ones.It would have been very nice if she had come out of the gloom just once but she wanted to win so she didn't. Women ! !

The really annoying thing about this battle was that the only decent shot I got was when she had her back to me. Deliberate ? Oh Yes ! ! Tremendous fun though. 

After an early lunch in the cafe I did manage a walk round the lake which was very pleasant.I then tried to find the Goldcrests from a couple of days ago but failed.I did find the Tree Pipit again but after a few shots the camera packed up.Card Full ! ! Went back to the car and got the SX 50 but that wouldn't work either.Battery empty ! ! Good planning there.

With no cameras working and as it was 2.00 PM I headed home.A very good trip with great weather.  

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