Thursday, 1 May 2014


This morning I was very much in stay at home relax mode as I was knackered from 3 days local birding and needed a rest.It had been a very good week so far having seen a Black Tern , a Little Gull , 3 Whimbrels , a Hobby ,a Ruff and a Whinchat so I was very happy to stay in.

At 10.30 AM my phone went off and it was my good friend John "Snow Leopard" Oates. " Got a Bonaparts Gull from the car park hide at Marsh Lane "  Tiredness forgotten in an instant I grabbed the camera and I was off.

It wasn't till I got out the car that I realised I was still in my staying in outfit which is only one step up from pyjamas.Luckily I had a coat in the boot.I quickly went into the CP hide where the cream of local birders were watching the Gull on the island in front of the nearest island.Well done John for finding such a cracking bird.A Lifer for me.

Without warning it took flight and seemed to head over to the Railway pool.Everyone went to the Oak hide where eventually it was found flying around near the River hide gravel spit area.It together with many BH Gulls, a few Terns and hundreds of Sand Martins were feeding on insects.

Tried to get some flight shots from the River hide where it occasionally came near but it was a hell of a game.You had to pick it out first from the numerous BH Gulls then try and focus on it and get a shot.Annoyingly the best shots I took there were all BH Gulls.Here are a few that weren't.

                                               Went home at 12.30 and it was still there.

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