Saturday, 10 May 2014


Late morning on Friday as I was eating a bacon butty having just returned from a visit to my dentist (Aren't they fun) a text from my good friend John Oates told me that an Arctic Tern was sleeping on one of the islands in front of the CP hide at Marsh Lane.John knew that I had missed out so far this year on seeing one of these chaps so cheers John.

Had to be patient because the Tern had presumably just flown from the south Atlantic and was knackered.Eventually it stirred  and I was able to rattle of a few heavily cropped shots.

After a while it started feeding but I struggled to get onto it as it zoomed around the CP pool.At 2.30 PM it flew off towards the RW pool but when I got there if it had joined a dozen Common Terns feeding there I couldn't pick it out.It had probably gone.

While in the Oak hide where the wind was blasting through the flaps (my hat was blown off three times) I did have a bit of luck when a Sedge Warbler dropped in to give me a concert and I was able to get my best shots this year. 

When I was back in the CP hide again I did spot a Hobby but it was high over the flood plane and didn't come into range for me to get any shots.Suddenly at least 30 Swifts started whizzing round the CP pool.A great site but almost impossible to get a shot of. 

One or two youngsters are now showing round the reserve.

As I'm being out gunned by almost every photographer on the lens front I did spot on line this one and considered lashing out and getting one but I would need a sherpa to carry it round for me and a new back and some muscles to use it.

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