Sunday, 22 June 2014


I thought I'd better get out there on Saturday morning as the weather was so good but where to go was the problem.I did think of going down the M40 to Otmoor again but reports of cars being broken into in the car park put me off so I headed off to Brandon Marsh to try and get some better shots of the Hobbies.

Got there just before 10.00 AM and after seeing very little from all the hides I soon ended up at the Newland's screens to take on the Hobbies.There was a problem though there were no Hobbies.After well over an hour down there they didn't turn up.All that was on show were a couple of the young Kestrels miles away. 

As there were no Hobbies on show today it gives me an excuse to show one I took earlier.Much earlier in fact last year at Marsh Lane.

Things got even worse when I was still at the screens because a bird flying low down right towards me which I thought was a Wood Pigeon was in fact a Cuckoo.It flew very close and landed in a nearby tree but it only stayed just long enough for it to look straight down at me and say "What a tosser"

By now thoroughly depressed by missing a great chance of a Cuckoo shot I trudged back to the car park when a Sociable Jay had pity on me and posed for a few shots.

As I headed home thinking I needed cheering up I decided to call in again to see the Spotted Flycatchers.They would cheer me up.Drove through the gates just before 2.00 PM and parked up in my usual spot.

After half an hour with no luck I thought that the chicks may have fledged and the birds would have dispersed making it very hard to get any shots.I should have had more faith because they turned up and put on a great display of fly catching.I was cheered up.

I even managed a shot of the pair of them together having a rest from feeding the chicks.

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