Wednesday, 2 July 2014


As the weather was still very good on Tuesday I decided to go on another day trip.I thought I'd give Symonds Yat  a go as not only was it supposed to be a very impressive place but there was also a Peregrine viewing point  and as my portfolio of Peregrine shots was not good it seemed a good choice.

I knew I had to head for Symonds Yat Rock but I was taken by surprise how hairy the road was that lead up to it.It was single track with passing places,very steep and with loads of blind bends.

Made it to the car park at 10.30 AM and was surprised how busy it was with loads of more senior schoolchildren engaged in various activities.There were several groups of young ladies who were carrying out survey work about visitors to Symonds Yat.I managed somehow to be interviewed nine times during the day.

It was only a short walk to the viewing point where the RSPB had a couple of staff on duty and a few scopes set up.The views from the viewpoint down to the river Wye were spectacular.Here are a couple of shots showing the river.

In the first shot on the right hand side you can see two exposed areas of the cliffs and this is where the Peregrines have their nest.The good news was that there are four birds there two adults and two fledged juveniles and they flew around a lot.The bad news was that they were miles away and the sun was behind them.

The only excitement in the morning was when one of the adults came a little closer when it had a go at a Common Buzzard but it was too fast for me and I only got a shot of the Buzzard.

After a picnic lunch I went back to the viewing point but the Peregrines would not venture our way and stayed cruising around the cliff face.Getting a little bored I scanned round in the nearby trees and bushes and guess what I saw in a tree about 25m away.Amazingly for the 5th trip out on the trot I saw a :-

Yes a Spotted Flycatcher this time with fledged young to feed.Everyone at the viewing point forgot looking out for the Peregrines and watched the Flycatchers being fed.A bit distant for great shots but great to see the youngsters.

We all were so involved in watching the Flycatchers we nearly missed a Peregrine that had come a little closer.Managed a few heavily cropped shots before it flew too far away.

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