Friday, 1 August 2014


In in an earlier blog I reported about a cracking male Common Redstart I'd found locally last Friday afternoon.

Since then I've been over to check on it five times including yesterday morning and each time I've had good views.It has turned up each time and perches on the fence posts that run round a paddock. I've been very lucky because it has turned up very soon after I have arrived.

It's not all good news because the nearest it has come to me is 30m away which is tough ask for my lens to get a great shot but close enough to enjoy watching it catching insects.Tried using a converter on the lens but the shots have been is my best one with the Canon 7D/400 prime lens.

On one visit I had a go with the Canon SX50 bridge camera and the results were OK.

Here are a few other shots taken this week mainly at Marsh Lane.The first two taken with the SX50 which can get very good results.

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