Wednesday, 24 June 2015


This week I've been down to Marsh Lane twice and down to Brandon Marsh once and at both places I've struggled to get some decent shots but the weather has been nice so it was great to be out and about.

At Marsh Lane the pair of Shellducks have had 6 chicks.I don't think I've seen Shellduck chicks before so nice to get a shot  of them and one of mum.

The cracking looking Black-necked Grebe has been at Marsh Lane for a few days but it has not come close for me at all.I've still not got a decent summer plumage shot of these chaps.These are heavily cropped shots and depressingly  are my best. 

Whilst waiting for the BNG to come close a Reed Warbler showed well from the river hide.


This is the chap that's responsible for the closing down of the car park at Marsh Lane.

My visit to Brandon Marsh was very enjoyable but this was down to the excellent weather and not down to the birds on show because there weren't any.It was a real struggle to get any shots.

A Sedge Warbler that I saw near the golf club felt sorry for me and allowed me to get close.In fact when I moved on it followed me to pose again for shots.

In the Ted Drury hide I arrived just as a Hobby flew off from the nearby tree and despite an hour's stay never returned so no Hobby shots.

In the hide was my good friend Francoise who I hadn't seen for a while.Nice to see you again         Francoise and I hope you get well very soon.

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