Sunday, 26 July 2015


Having at long last solved a settings problem with my new camera (not getting any active focus points when focus has been achieved when doing flight shots) I was keen to get out there and have a go.So after lunch on Saturday I went across to Marsh Lane.

Although I stayed for a couple of hours there were hardly any birds flying around so I had no chance to test out how good the new settings were.However all was not lost because I did find a few birds to keep me busy.

At the North causeway hide the Water Rails were pretty active and at one time I saw three.One was a juvenile which I'd not seen since it was a small fluffy black chick.Trouble was it shot off and the only shot I got was out of focus.

I bet that this spot is the one that you can get closest to Water Rails in the whole country.This can be a bit of a problem if you are using a telephoto lens the Rails are just too close.Neither of these two shots are cropped.


Took one of my best shots of a Water Rail that day trouble was a part of the bird was missing.

The Shellduck chicks have very quickly grown up to full size.God knows what they are finding to eat out there.

There were 3 possibly 4 Common Sandpipers on the RW pool.

Whilst in the Oak hide a Sparrowhawk swooped down onto one of the islands but I was so slow that I only got a shot when it was flying off and then the settings were wrong.

Also from the Oak hide a Little Egret was showing a while before flying off.

Back to the CP hide a couple of Green Sandpipers were on one of the islands.First I'd seen for a while now.

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