Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Had a massive stroke of luck today in the Steetly hide at Brandon Marsh.I'd gone there again this morning to go and try for some more Hobby shots but when I got to the hide just after 9.00 AM the only birder in there said he hadn't seen a Hobby at all and only had had a brief visit from a Kingfisher but and it's a big BUT he'd seen a Marsh Harrier flying round the reed bed an hour earlier.

Wow ! ! A Marsh Harrier.Never seen one outside Norfolk/Suffolk so blow Hobbies and Kingfishers a Marsh Harrier would suit me fine.Half an hour later when we had been joined by another photographer and were in deep discussion about cameras the Marsh Harrier returned.I went from relax mode to panic mode in a microsecond  but luckily for me it stayed around a while favouring the reeds behind a small Willow tree about 70 m away. 

We all rattled off loads of shots and hoped some would be decent.Here are a few of mine.Not the greatest shots of a MH but I was very pleased.

The Marsh Harrier soon flew off towards the River hide.Not long after that a Kingfisher flew in and perched up.Wasn't going to take any more KF shots but I couldn't resist a few.

Things went downhill after that and although there were 6 Green Sandpipers on the Teal pool I didn't find any other birds to point the camera at.Very disappointing was that there were no Hobbies on show from the Ted Dury hide.

Did spot the long staying Whistling Duck though from the Baldwin hide.First time I'd seen it.Very attractive.

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