Saturday, 12 September 2015


Early on Friday morning I went down to the back gate coppice area at Marsh Lane where some ringers were in action again.It was 7.30 AM when I joined 3 Marsh Lane regulars and 3 ringers who had been there since dawn.

The ringers were very accommodating chaps letting us get close,take some shots and answering all our questions.I believe that they ringed about 40 birds which were mostly Blackcaps but included 10 Goldcrests although some of these escaped before they could be ringed.It was interesting to learn that Great Tits and Blue Tits were the  birds that gave them the most trouble when ringing both being quite aggressive.

I left at 9.30 AM and they were still ringing so I don't know what they ringed later on.Glad I went.Very enjoyable.Here are a few random shots that I took with my 400 lens which is not ideal when the birds are so close. Best for me was seeing Goldcrests one of my favourite birds so close and being reminded how tiny they are.

What was a big surprise was that when it was being ringed one of the Goldcrests received a phone call.Can you believe that ! !

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