Sunday, 20 September 2015


Since my last blog I've been out and about locally a few times mainly down to Marsh Lane but also around the local countryside but I've struggled to find any decent birds to point the camera at.

At the moment down at Marsh Lane the car park pool has been taken over by Greylag and Canada Geese.On Friday there were 360 Canada Geese there in the morning which is an amazing number considering that till recently you would get very few there.The trouble is that they chase off any waders that drop in.

After a few visits to Marsh lane all I managed was to get some shots of a Reed Warbler and of a Common Buzzard.I did see a Yellowhammer in the car park but could get no shots.

Driving round the countryside near Knowle I found a few young Swallows on some overhead wires being fed by adults.I tried to get some shots of the adults feeding them but they were so quick plus the fact I had to stand in the middle of the road  lead to failure.

                After some gardening on Saturday morning I felt I needed to get out there and as the weather was sunny and warm ideal for dragonflies there was only one place to go to and only one bird to go after.Hobbies at Marsh Lane.Got there at 1.00 PM and as I walked down the main path I spotted one along the stream tree line so I decided to head  to the river hide.

Had to be patient but in the end  the Hobby did show well and I managed  to get some decent shots mind you the hazy conditions didn't help. I've said it before but what cracking birds to watch in action.                                                               

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