Friday, 13 November 2015


      As soon as I  heard that onThursday morning the weather was going to be good I decided in order to break the bad run I was having with the camera I would make a visit to Brandon Marsh.
I hadn't been there for quite a while mainly due to the roadworks at the Toll Bar island making my journey much longer.

In order to beat the heavy traffic near the several schools I have to drive past to get there I very shrewdly set off at 7.30 AM.This of course didn't turn out to be a good move because I got caught out badly by the heavy worker's traffic.Oh Dear ! !

After a pretty slow journey I got there at just after 8.15 AM .There was very good news as I started to walk around the reserve the weather man was right for a change it was a cracking early winter's morning sunny not too cold and only a light breeze.

Great for taking shots then ? Well yes conditions were great for taking shots but the trouble was there were no decent birds to point the camera at.This was despite staying for nearly 4 hours visiting all the hides and walking round most of the reserve.All the birders I met said the same and also were having no luck.

This was the first time for a long while that I didn't use the camera at all during a long stay at a reserve mind you in fairness to Brandon Marsh there were a lot of Redwings around but I couldn't get close to them and a Pintail was on an island on the EM pool but remained asleep.I did see a Treecreeper, a Nuthatch and a Goldcrest on my walk round the wooded areas but I couldn't get a shot of any of them.

The working party was working on the Carlton Pool trying to clear the weed that has choked up the pool recently.The water had been drained to help them but what a difficult task to get rid of this persistent weed. I was surprised how shallow the pool was.

Right so no luck with the camera again but the trip was not a waste of time because it was very enjoyable walking round in the excellent weather.

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