Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Went over to Marsh Lane again early this morning and having been in the CP hide on Sunday morning when it was the coldest place in the British Isles I had learned my lesson and got out my winter gear.I couldn't put on my thermals because they had gone back into the family bank vault and that was on a time lock.

Went straight to the Oak hide to see if yesterday's drake Garganey was still there.It wasn't. Damn ! ! I soon located all 4 of the Med Gulls still on the islands but only the first summer one came into range.The others were either very distant or hidden at the back of the islands.

Did get a shot of one of the several Common Terns on the RW pool.

Managed some flight shots of the first summer Med Gull.

When I went back to the CP hide to get some shots of the Black-tailed Godwit I couldn't find it again.

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