Tuesday, 13 September 2016


This morning I resisted going after the Baird's Sandpiper again having admitted defeat in getting any decent shots so instead I went over to my local patch Marsh Lane.

Got there just before 10.00 AM to find it already pretty warm.I stayed quite a while in the N Causeway hide because it was a bit cooler in there and I was rewarded by getting some decent shots of what must be one of the last Reed Warblers still hanging around.

I was further rewarded by my long stay there when at long last I caught up with a Water Rail as it strolled across one of the channels.

It was much quieter in the oak hide and the only shots I took were of a lone Common Snipe.

By this time I was pleased with my morning's efforts with the camera but all this changed in an instant because I missed out on a great bird.My two friends had left the hide a couple of minutes earlier when a Peregrine flew over the RW pool and while I was trying to get some shots of it what were they doing but taking shots of an Osprey from the causeway.

All I got was a this crappograph of the Peregrine and they got very good shots of the Osprey.I very nearly burst into tears.

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