Sunday, 11 September 2016


As I sped along the M 42 early this morning heading to the flashes at Upton Warren for the Baird's Sandpiper reported there yesterday I was worried that yet again I would be too late and it had flown off in the night.

Got there well before 8.00 AM to find both car park gates closed so I had to cross over the main road and park in the garden centre CP. Met 2 guys from Bristol there and as I led them down to the hide we met a couple of birders who told us it was still there. Phew ! !

Not many birders in the hide which was a surprise and one of them was my good friend Glen Giles from Marsh Lane.There was good and bad news as usual.The bird was not too far away but the sunshine was right in front of us and all the birds including the Baird's were silhouettes.Oh Dear ! !  Should not complain because it was a life tick after all.

Took loads of shots nearly all crappographs but managed to salvage a few half decent ones.   

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