Saturday, 8 October 2016


Having stayed in all day yesterday I was keen to get out there with the camera this morning.But where to go was the question.After a while I decided to go over to Earlswood Lakes again to try and get a decent shot of the Rock Pipit I saw earlier in the week.

Got there at 9.45 AM and went up the steps to the causeway where I was pleased to meet up with another birder.He told me the Rock Pipit was still around but you needed his scope to see it as it was a long way down at the base of the engine pool dam wall.

For the next hour and a half it remained in the distance or disappeared from view completely.By this time any early brightness had gone and it was pretty chilly.

As I was thinking of giving up I found it again this time about half way down again at the base of the engine pool dam wall  but even walking down the road to the first passing point in the fencing it was  hard to see and still too far off to get a decent shot.

In desperation I walked to the next passing point in the fence and looked back to see if I could see it.
I leaned out to get a better view but I was blowed if I could see it.Then I spotted it right below me posing for pics on a rock.What a bit of luck and I was able to get my best shots ever of a Rock Pipit.     

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