Friday, 23 December 2016


Yesterday sun was forecast for the morning so off I popped to Marsh lane again.It turned out to be a morning of good and bad news.The first being that the weather when I arrived was sunny and calm but very cold with some ice about.

There was good news along the old road when I spotted about a dozen Yellowhammers.I carefully drove a bit closer and parked up with the camera ready but just as they were coming into range the bad news arrived when a car drove past me and parked right where the birds were.They flew off of course and all I got was this shot.   

A bit later in the Oak hide with Jeff, Graham and Glen this sleeping "Snipe " was spotted right at the back of the marsh.We debated for quite a while if it was a Jack Snipe or not. 

The good news was that when it woke up and started bobbing it was a Jack Snipe.The bad news was that it immediately turned round and disappeared into the reeds not to be seen again.All I got were some crappographs but nice to see my first one of the winter.

Hoping that the Stonechat would turn up for a photoshoot I had to make do with a pair of Wrens 

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