Thursday, 27 April 2017


Went down to Marsh Lane early this morning getting there at 7.15 AM hoping to beat the forecast rain.It was very cold but it was pretty bright.

Good news straightaway when the Whooper Swan from yesterday was still on the CP pool.It eventually came close to the hide so I could get some decent shots.The rusty head markings were new to me and I've been told it occurs when the bird has been on a pool with a high iron content.No idea if this is right.

My very good friend the Cetti's Warbler showed well for me along the causeway and I was able to get some more decent shots.

In an unguarded moment I got a shot of him showing how fed he is singing out day after day and not attracting a girlfriend.This brought back distant memories for me in my younger days. 

My good friend John Hunt spotted a pair of Water Rails at the far end of the marsh.Managed my first shots for ages of these before they both scurried into the reeds.

Had some great fun then trying to get some flight shots of a Ringed Plover that was zooming round the RW pool at great speed.What a job that is ! ! Among the masses of blurred blob and empty screen shots I managed some fairly decent ones.

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