Monday, 15 May 2017


I hadn't planned to go out birding on Sunday morning but when I saw how bad the forecast was for next week and how nice it was that morning I grabbed the camera and shot off to Marsh Lane again.

Got there at 8.00 AM with a definite plan in  mind.Head straight down to the RW hide and try for some better shots of a Lesser Whitethroat(s) than I'd managed so far this year.To do this you have to ignore all the other birds on the embankment and wait patiently for a Lesser Whitethroat to show.This means staring for ages at the brambles.

Took 40 minutes for one to show just as BE (Bramble Eye ; an image of the brambles imprints on your retina) was beginning to set in.Managed a few half decent shots but one would not come close and the bright sunshine was a pain. 


Pity the Lessers would not come as close as the Common Whitethroats but still great fun trying for a decent shot.


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