Monday, 1 May 2017


Had no intention this morning going to Marsh Lane as I was knackered and suffering from PGBAS ( Post Gardening Body Ache Syndrome) but when I received a text saying there was a Black Tern there I could not resist taking on one of these chaps again with the camera.I have never beaten them.

I soon got depressed because I could not find it on either the CP pool or the RW pool.However the gloomy mood was soon lifted when I spotted 3 Barwits on the island in front of the Oak hide.Wow ! I found one on the CP pool yesterday and now I've found three on the RW pool today.Not bad for a chap that hardly finds anything.

There were 2 females and 1 male.They showed well for a while before moving further away.Here a few shots. 

Whilst in the Oak hide Dave and Graham spotted an Arctic Tern but as a few Common Terns were flying around I was not sure I locked onto the right bird.It soon flew off.

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