Saturday, 22 July 2017


Popped over to Marsh Lane this morning pretty early to avoid the forecast rain.Arrived at 8.45 AM to find it dry but a little cloudy.

Saw two Common Sandpipers and a Little Egret on the CP pool but it wasn't till I got to the end of the causeway and went through the gate there that things got really interesting. 

I had been hearing what I thought was a grasshopper chirping away when I was still on the causeway but when I went through the gate I thought "My God ! That is one loud grasshopper." When I was half way down the path to the Oak hide I knew it was in fact a Grasshopper Warbler because the whirring was so loud and long.But where was it ???

I then spotted it about 25m from the path in the orchid field.Martin had beaten me to it and nearer to the hide he was also taking shots.We reckon it was there from about 8.50 AM (or earlier) till it flew off SW at 9.15 AM 

Other recent shots from Marsh Lane included young Common Whitethroats and Chiffchaffs.

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