Thursday, 24 August 2017


Went to the local patch on Monday and forgot to take the camera.Had to become a birder but felt naked walking round.I hoped I didn't see anything so I would not be upset missing a shot.Things went well till I got back to the car park and the juvenile Kestrel cruised over my head and landed in a near by tree.It looked down at me and seeing I was without the camera I'm sure it said "Tosser "

The morning visit on Tuesday was saved by the ringer who had caught a Tee Pipit by the back gate coppice. What a little cracker.Never seen one at ML before.

This morning I missed an Osprey by a few minutes.John Hunt spotted it over the RW pool.It soon flew off SW.

There were a few Chiffies along the causeway again. 

I was pleased to get some of my best ever shots of a Raven when a pair for a while cruised along the RW tree line.

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