Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Marsh Lane has been very good for me for Whinchats having got some decent shots in recent years there.In fact all the shots of these cracking birds I've kept have all been taken at Marsh Lane.

One was spotted there last Sunday morning in the car park when I was in the Oak hide and despite racing there and searching for quite a while I was very disappointed at not finding it. 

When the weather man told me Monday that it would be a poor morning I went over to my son's new house to do some repair work for him.Bad mistake ! ! The weather was not bad at all and my friend John Hunt sent me a text mid morning" Whinchat in CP showing well".

I finally got there not long after midday.Although there were cars in the car park no one was around looking for the bird and a check on the fencing there drew a blank.Damn ! ! Missed it again.

I went into the CP hide and almost straightaway look what I spotted on the reeds just to the right of the hide. 

After a while it flew off over the hide.Quickly I went along the main path to see if it landed on the fence.Shrewd move it had.

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