Tuesday, 1 August 2017


I haven't seen the Grasshopper Warbler at Marsh Lane since the Saturday before last but it had been seen by others.

My luck was in this morning when walking towards the Oak hide with Nick Barlow not long after 8.00 AM he heard it reeling over the bank to the right of the path not far past the gate.We could not see it despite a search by Nick.

I was soon left on my own and I filled in my time waiting for the Grasshopper Warbler to show with trying for shots of the Sand Martins flying around nearby.This is my best effort. 

I was later joined on the path by John Hunt and Brian Harris by which time the Grasshopper Warbler seemed to be much closer.The reeling was a lot louder.John spotted soon it high up on a rose bush just below the top of the bank.Managed my best ever shots of one.

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