Thursday, 7 September 2017


Went over to Marsh Lane again this morning getting there just after 8.00 AM hoping to enjoy a bit of sunshine before the cloud arrived.

Had a bit of fun in the N causeway hide when for about 5 minutes a pair of Kingfishers flew around the reeds sometimes coming extremely close to the hide.They never perched unfortunately but great to see so close.

I was surprised to find the Greenshank was still on the CP pool although this time it was a bit further away well to the left of the left hand island.  

A couple of Little Grebes were in front of the N causeway hide.Was a bit worried what one of them had hanging from it's beak.

Again a Water Rail was showing well for quite a while in front of the same hide.

There were 3 Little Egrets in front of the CP hide for once quite close together.

I promised myself not to try for any more Swift shots but again I could not resist.Here are my best shots.

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