Saturday, 1 December 2018


The sun was out for a change on Friday morning so I grabbed the camera and headed for the local patch arriving there at just before 9.00 AM.It was still sunny but pretty cold.

Had some luck in the CP where a couple of Meadow Pipits were perched on the fencing wires. Couldn't get close to them but got some decent shots.

Masses of birds on the CP pool but the only one worth photographing was the Whooper Swan. 

Struggled from then on to find anything to point the camera at but just as I was thinking about leaving the Oak hide another birder spotted a Peregrine.It had landed on the far side of the main island on the RW pool.Although distant managed some decent shots with the new camera.

It didn't stay long and flew off.I keep praising the new camera and lens which I am very pleased with however one area it doesn't match my old DSLR is flight shots.This so so shot is all I could manage.

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