Monday, 15 June 2009

Marsh Lane.

Went to Marsh Lane early on Sunday morning.The weather was great but there were no other birders there which was a surprise.

Besides several Sedge and Reed Warblers showing well from the causeway there was very little of note about.Well not till I got to the Oak hide where in the marsh there was a pair of Water Rails and three chicks showing very well (I learned later thre are six chicks but I only saw three together).It was tricky to get a decent shot of the chicks because not only did they scamper around a lot but the marsh is a bit overgrown and to get a clear view was almost impossible.Still great to see.

Also at long last got a Sedgie shot in flight.

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Andy said...

Now that's a cute sight I've never seen - a water rail chick. Well done. Even the adults can be hard enough to find!