Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Brandon Marsh visit.

Went across to Brandon Marsh again Tuesday morning to enjoy the fine weather and try for some decent shots but it turned out to be one of those days when things go wrong on the photo front.All the decent birds either scurried off before I could raise the lens or they had the sun behind them.

There were loads of Warblers on the walk from the windpump round past the golf course but most were too quick for me today.No KF's seen at the west marsh pool or from the Carlton hide and worst of all no Hobbies when the day was perfect for them.

Good job I was on my own on the river pool path when I was convinced at the time I was rattling off shots of a pair of distant Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers only to find that when I checked the shots in the river pool hide they were juvenile GS Woodpeckers.What a clown!!!!!

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