Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Brandon Marsh visit.

In the last week or so I've been to Marsh Lane and Brandon Marsh and found nothing to take a shot of at all so I was not confident I would not do any better when I arrived at Brandon Monday morning.

My misgivings were proving to be correct because I saw hardly any birds at all in a 2 hour walk round the reserve.It was very quiet!!!!!

It wasn't till I got to the Carlton hide and spotted a Hobby sitting in the tree to the right of the hide that I saw something any good.The light was all wrong of course and it soon flew off but I was very pleased to see it.I did notice it had a broken feather hanging down from it's wing.

Funnily enough when I got to the Teal Pool hide another Hobby (a juvenile apparantly) was sitting in the tree to the left of the hide.Annoyingly you would have needed a 800 lens with a 2X converter on to get a decent shot but through a scope it was a fabulous looking bird.

A few pics above which you can click to get a larger version.

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