Friday, 24 July 2009

A couple of local trips.

On Wednesday, having been told by the weatherman that the strong wind would abate,I popped across to Marsh Lane only to be greeted with a gale that blew my hat off in the carpark as soon as I got out the car.

The bad news continued with very little around of note and I missed the Yellow Wagtail on the car park pool.The only things that cheered me up a little were a family of Linnets on the causeway,a lone Tree Sparrow on the feeders and a Kestrel trying to hover in the strong wind and failing.

Thinking the weather was going to be better on Thursday morning (What a fool) I headed off to Brandon Marsh.A long walk round produced very little to point the camera at even the Hobbies didn't make a visit.The gloom was lifted for a while when a snake (Grass ?) swam across the Carlton pool and excited a pair of Moorhens.

Oh Dear not good on birding front!!!!! Some pics attached but I had to scrape the barrel to find something to post.

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Kevin Groocock said...

At least they were relatively close to photograph, Max!