Sunday, 26 July 2009

Decent weather for a change.

The forecast was good for a change so I thought I'd better go out birding but where to go?Decided on Brandon Marsh again not because I expected to see much there but because I knew some of my birding mates would be there.

As expected there was not much about to point the camera at but I soon met up with Jeff,George and Kath and the chat made up for the lack of birds.

Things did look up as a long stay in the Carlton hide was rewarded with the fine looking juvenile Little Grebe performing again near the hide,a short visit by a Kingfisher which,although it didn't come close,was nice to see as it was the first one I'd seen perching this year.It was also nice to see a few waders (several Redshanks and a Green Sandpiper) on the pool which was no doubt due to the water level being lower.

A few pics attached including a couple of nearly decent flying KF shot.

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