Monday, 6 July 2009

Some more Red Kites.

On Sunday my brother who lives in Ruislip had invited me down to one of his garden parties.Now these garden parties are not to be missed as he and his wife put on a good show and there is always excellent food and drink.

I set off early on Sunday morning so I could take advantage of this trip down the M40 and make a small diversion to see one of my favourite birds the Red Kite which are pretty easy to find in the Chilterns.This time I thought I would try a different spot which had been recommended to me some time ago by Pete Walkden who knows a lot of very good spots to see birds.This particular spot was not too far from J5 just past Stokenchurch along the lane between Waterend and Beacons Bottom.

I found the lane quite easily and it does not seem to matter where you park because there were at least 20 birds cruising around some of them coming pretty low including one star that flew down the lane at hedge level.It wasn't all plain sailing though because a lot of the time the Kites were between me and the sun which was a bit of a sod when you are trying to get some decent shots and not silhouettes.

When we are lucky enough to get a distant glimpse of a Red Kite in our area we are pretty pleased but I noticed all the locals who walked the lane when I was there took them for granted and didn't look even when these beautiful birds flew very close to them.What a difference a few miles make!!!!

Click on the pics for a larger version.


Kevin Groocock said...

Very nice images, Max. Must make an effort to visit this area.

Andy said...

Hey, Max. I like these pictures. Could I use one of them for the banner on my blog? I currently only have an unsatisfactory line drawing. I'd be happy to credit you, of course.

Max Silverman said...

Hi Andy.Of course you can.

Pete Walkden said...

Glad you found the spot Max - if you walk through the village and around the reserve nearby, they can be found feeding off the ground too. Great shots - better than what I managed there!

Andy said...

Thanks, Max. Here's the new banner: