Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Recent local birding trips.

Since returning from my short trip to Norfolk I had to come down to earth and do some local birding.I didn't expect to see much because afterall we are into the poor birding months now.

I've been to Marsh Lane twice and to Brandon Marsh twice.The highlights what there were included a Red Kite at Brandon to the east of the golf course,Hobbies at both Marsh Lane and Brandon but both only stayed for a few minutes before clearing off the miserable so and so's,Green Sandpipers at both Marsh Lane and Brandon but both at distance and that's about it.

Only other things of interest were a Fox close to the Oak hide at Marsh Lane,a juvenile Blackbird in my back garden lying stretched out on a bush sunbathing(?),at least 50 large fish (carp ?) on the first pool on the right at Brandon that were cruising around very close to surface and the heat generated in the River Pool hide yesterday lunchtime reminded me of a Japanese world war 2 punisment sweat box in Burma.

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