Saturday, 26 September 2009

Back down to earth.

Keen to go out birding after having to go to a funeral on Thursday I decided to go to Draycote Water again on Friday morning as my other local patches at Upton Warren,Marsh Lane and Brandon Marsh were all very quiet apparently and Draycote had been great recently.

Decided to walk to the inlet past Rainbow corner in fine weather but it proved to be very disappointing none of the recent waders were about.All I saw was a lone Ringed Plover.

On the return walk the weather had gone down the tubes and it had become overcast.Did have a battle with 3 Grey Wagtails as they flitted about on the rocks but I'm blowed if I could keep up with them.

After a coffee with Francoise in the Cafe I walked down the Farborough Bank and soon found some Yellow Wagtails but when I went to take off my new rucksack to get out my teleconverter I found I could'nt - the reason being it wasn't on my back.It was in the Cafe.What a complete burk!!!!! I'd only bought the rucksack yesterday and for once had gone upmarket.In it were 2 birding books,the remains of my lunch (this could be a deterrent to thieves) and worst of all a 1.4 teleconverter that was not cheap.

I raced back to the Cafe,arrived panting like a large dog on a hot day to be greeted by a maintenance man at the door with "Lost a bag mate ? It's behind the counter."I thought briefly of giving him a kiss but decided against it.

This incident showed that there are still some honest people about and also some complete burks.

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Martyn Yapp said...

I am too going through a spate of losing things.

£25.00 quid shades that are floating around somewhere in the Atlantic.

Notebook lost at Middleton Lakes, found and handed in, was my name in it, was it hell.

Phone lost on the Weaver Hills Sunday, found by ramblers and back in my possession within two hours.

There is the three, you have two to go, don't put your camera down and eat your sandwiches has soon as soon as you get out of the car!