Sunday, 6 September 2009

Brandon Marsh Trip.

Went to Brandon Marsh early on Saturday morning and joined up with several mates in the Carlton hide.It was ideal for taking pics the wind had dropped and there was bright sunshine.

Loads of great shots taken then.No!!!!!! It was so quiet it was unbelievable.You would have found more action down in a coal mine that closed down in the 1950's than here.As lunchtime approached most people had left the hide some were so depressed that they walked out with slumped shoulders and were shedding a few tears.

Allright I exagerate a little but it was a very quiet morning the only thing of interest was a KF which stayed mostly on the far pole with it's back to us.Saw a few Common Snipe in front of the East Marsh hide but that was it.Just one of those days.Hey Ho.

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