Saturday, 7 November 2009

At last I find a decent bird.

It had to happen sometime and at last it was me who found a decent bird and was able to tell everyone about it.I always go and see a rare bird that someone else has found so I was very chuffed on Friday when it was me who first spotted one.

I got to Draycote Water Friday morning and decided to give the Farborough Bank a miss and to walk to the inlet instead.I had seen very little until I walked along the jetty at the overflow and saw 4 smallish waders on the beach there which turned out to be Dunlin

It wasn't until I'd taken a few shots of the Dunlin that I noticed another wader that was with them.I rattled off a few shots and then tried to work out what it was.I thought Purple Sandpiper but was not certain so I walked round to the inlet where I knew Bob Hazell and Francoise were.Bob was interested enough in my shots to hurry to the jetty where he confirmed my ID.

What surprised me was how rare they are inland and what a good find it was at Draycote and therefore Warwickshire.More important it was me who found it.Fame at last!!!!!

Some pics above but not good ones as the light was very poor.Well that's my excuse.


Kevin Groocock said...

Super find, Max. Pics are very good too despite the light being poor.Really pleased to get your call as this was a lifer for me.

Max Silverman said...

Thanks Kevin.Draycote does seem to be the best of the local patches to find something decent.