Saturday, 26 December 2009

Another winter trip to Brandon Marsh.

Waking up this morning feeling a bit grotty no doubt due to too much rich food and wine I bravely decided to race over to Brandon Marsh.It looked like I was not the only one struggling because the car park was nearly empty.

The big surprise was that a lot of the paths were covered in sheets of ice and were absolutely lethal especially when you are carrying a camera.Where were Health and Safety when you need them.Ice skates were definitely essential.!!!!!

When I heard one of the Bitterns had been seen from the Carlton hide I slithered my way down there to by told by a couple of birders it had disappeared into some distant reeds.Whilst waiting for it to show again a limping fox made an appearance and during it's stay it made an impressive hunting leap which of course most of us photographers missed.

After about an hour in the hide I spotted the Bittern in front of the reeds in the adjacent pond to the Carlton hide so I was able to shout out "the Bittern is out".Everyone,now about 8 people, all dashed down my end with their cameras and it become very crowded with shutters clicking away right next to me.A bit far off for decent shots but I bet the big lens club got some decent shots.


Kevin Groocock said...

Great shots, Max. Missed out completely today - all I got was colder and colder!

Max Silverman said...

This time of year Kevin it's all down to luck on the day.

Kevin and Seri said...

You forgot to mention Max, it was damned cold in the hide :-)


Kevin (and Seri)