Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Another cold morning at Ice Station Draycote.

Fed up with walking all the way over to the inlet to try for some shots of the Smew and then finding it too far off to get decent ones I bit the bullet and contacted it's agent and booked a photoshoot. Alright it cost me a few bob but it was guaranteed to be near the centre,close in and would catch some fish.

Arrived at centre and found the Smew about 50 metres away along Farborough bank and fairly close in.Mind you I still had to use the teleconverter which is not wise when hand holding a 400 lens.Got some fairly decent shots including some with fish as booked!!!!!!

A Great Crested Grebe nearby also caught a fish which was so large I didn't think it would be able to swallow it.My shout of "No way man" was ignored.

Near the centre I became a voyeur when I spotted a female Goldeneye trying to seduce a male.

I then walked over to the Draycote bank and managed to get some better shots of the 2 Great Northern Divers that were near the inlet.Not long before I found these two GND's I'd seen one way over in Biggen Bay so there might be three there.

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