Monday, 21 December 2009

Midwinter at Ice Station Draycote.

As I hadn't been out for a few days due to the cold weather I gambled this morning against getting frostbite and went over to Ice Station Draycote.It was still sunny when I got there and I was greeted by an almost empty car park but more importantly there was little wind so I might survive a walk round to the valve tower.I was wearing so many layers to keep out the cold that when I had to make a call of nature it took nearly 20 minutes

Near the outlet I spotted a Kingfisher and as it flew about I managed some flight shots.A bit out of focus but better than my previous efforts.

At the outlet I had a look for the leucistic Lapwing but there was no sign.The only decent bird there was a female Goosander .

Just past the inlet I spotted one of the Great Northern Divers but ,although it hung around for a while in the same spot it refused to come close in.One of the female Scoters was in view but far too far off for a pic.

I was pleased to see the drake Smew half way to the valve tower but a little too far out for a decent shot but nice to see at last.


Kevin Groocock said...

Glad you got the Smew, Max. Nice pics. I have not got any pics of the GND yet as it has always been to distant.

steve seal said...

Hi Max
Keep up the good work mate, check your blog daily. Nice one.

Max Silverman said...

Thanks Steve.I keep an eye on yours as well.You've got some good spots to visit up there.