Thursday, 17 December 2009

A visit to Draycote Water.

The sun was shining for a change Thursday morning so off I went to Ice Station Draycote calling on the way to Long Lawford for the Great White Egret. So how did the day go? Very poorly in deed considering it was ideal weather for taking shots.

Failure 1. I found the little stream at Long Lawford where the GWE can be seen but it wasn't there for me.I was probably too late (I was there at 9.30AM) and I did see some dog walkers in the area.After turning the car round in the narrow muddy lane I drove to Draycote.

Failure 2. Went straight to Toft to look for my favourite Duck a drake Smew which had been reported there yesterday but I'm blowed if I could see it.By this time a bitterly cold wind was blowing and quite quickly my thermals were penetrated so in order to prevent frostbite setting in I made a hurried exit.

Failure 3. As the sun was still shining I decided to call in at Marsh Lane on the way home and try and get some shots as I hadn't used the camera yet.Not long down the old road I found a male Bullfinch feeding in the roadside leaf litter but just as I started to get some shots it suddenly clouded over and a blizzard came in from nowhere.Visibility had gone from bright sunshine to almost nil in a matter of seconds so yet again I made a hurried exit.

So a poor day.No pics, got both very cold and wet and had a tricky drive home in a blizzard.I might have to wait till spring before I venture out again.What a wimp !!!!

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Kevin Groocock said...

Hi Max, sorry you missed out today. The birds were present, but in slightly different places! The GWE was mobile, but on the stream over about a mile. The Smew at Draycote was eventually located near the Valve Tower.