Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Two more cold days out.

I always go to Marsh Lane on Sunday mornings to meet up with some of my mates but this Sunday I thought I'd give it a miss as I'd just had a couple of days birding out in the freezing weather.A good move ? No!!!! A dreadful move as a couple of my mates had a Bittern (a first for Marsh Lane ?) in the open for 10 minutes close to the Oak hide in the marsh.When I heard the news there was lots of swearing.

A day late I went to ML early on Monday morning to see if the Bittern was still about.It was bitter cold so I needed to break the world record for the number of layers worn to try and keep warm the trouble with this was it was hard to move around.

The Oak hide was absolutely freezing with your breath coming out in clouds of steam.I fully expected Shakeleton or Scott of the antarctic to come in and ask for supplies.So did I see it ? Of course not!!!!! all I saw in a two hour stay was a Moorhen and a frozen Common Snipe.Luckily some more birders turned up and helped to prise me off the bench which I had frozen to.

After a quick lunch and a thawing out at home I shot out again.I found some Redwings still hanging out locally and was able to get some shots.

I then went to Brueton Park in Solihull.This park is famous because on any day you choose there are more dogs there than there are at the Crufts dog show.When I got there from the car next to me a large Dobberman leapt out and scanned around for someone to bite.I moved into panic mode but luckily it decided to relieve itself and I was able to escape.Also at Brueton park there are more children about than you'd find at a very large school play ground and making just as much noise.I'm not complaining as it is a park and not a nature reserve.

So how did I do there ? Well surprisingly well considering all the dogs and children.In a relatively quiet part not far from the car park I found in an hour's stay three of my favourite birds.First I spotted a pair of Goldcrests (first of the winter for me) in a conifer tree.They were pinging about as much as the ball in a pinball machine that's having a power surge so decent pics difficult but great to see.Then I spotted a Treecreeper but as usual it kept on the shady side of the tree trunk so no pics.Then a Grey Wagtail turned up and was happy to pose for some pics.A lone Grey Heron was amusing to see as it struggled to master the ice.


steve seal said...

Nice shots mate, have good one this year catch you soon.

Max Silverman said...

Thanks Steve.It would be nice to see you again.