Saturday, 2 January 2010

Two disappointing new year birding trips.

On New Years day morning I raced over to Ice Station Draycote where in previous years lots of local birders turn up to get a good start to their year lists.I don't know whether it was the bitterly cold weather but there were very few birders about.They must of known there was little about!!!!

Found the Smew off the Farborough bank but the miserable so and so soon turned it's back on me and headed out to deeper water.Saw nothing else there so I headed off to the valve tower and fared no better with a lone GND a fair way out and asleep.Had to resort to taking shots of Crows.On the way back I did find a Common Buzzard but that was deep in a large bush.

This morning I again braved the bitter cold and went over to Brandon Marsh mainly because the GW Egret showed up the day before and the Bittern(s) had shown very well.

The ponds were frozen over and little was on show.Despite spending a fair amount of time in the East Marsh,the Carlton and the West Marsh hides I did not see a Bittern or the GW Egret.In fact I saw bugger all!!!

No pics.Nothing to point the camera at.

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