Saturday, 20 February 2010

Another Trip to Morton Bagot.

Early this morning I went over to Morton Bagot again to try for some better shots of the GG Shrike.

Despite the heavy frost the journey there was OK until I turned into the narrow lane that leads to the parking spot to find the surface was covered in sheet ice.My car is not great on ice and snow so I was forced to crawl along at snail's pace which was fine until I was suddenly faced with not one but two huge tractors both with trailers attached bearing down on me.Instant panic mode!!!!! I pulled over to the hedge line,braked,closed my eyes and prayed.Somehow they both passed by without crushing me and my car.

In the pond field a birder soon put me onto the GGS which was on a distant oak tree.We were then joined by Pete Walkden who also got a distant view before it flew off into the distance.

A bit later Pete and I walked across the field to the far corner hoping to pick it up there but when we hadn't got even a distant view after half an hour Pete decided to walk up the hill in the next field.Not fancying climbing a hill I headed back and,when I was not really looking for it any longer,it suddenly landed in a tree on the fence line in front of me.I quickly rang Pete but by the time he arrived it had flown again.

Managed a few shots but as usual it was a bit distant.Click on the pics for a larger version.


Julian Bielewicz said...

Max, Max, me thinks you be too modest. They're preety good pix for an opportunistic distance shot!


Max Silverman said...

Cheers Julian

Pete Walkden said...

Fabulous shots Max. Not at all envious... oh no.

steve seal said...

Sometimes you just need that little bit of luck .
Nice one mate.