Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Dreadful Weather Continues.

Having hidden from this dreadful weather for the last couple of days I was keen to go out this morning although it was still very gloomy.I decided to go to Marsh Lane as yesterday the Bittern,a Jack Snipe and a Mandarin had showed.

Of course it was bitterly cold when I got there and a wind was blowing straight from northern Siberia.It was so gloomy that to take some shots I would have needed a very powerful searchlight.

The first thing I noticed was that one of the new hides was under construction and, judging by it's size, it must be the two storey one.I'm not sure my requests for padded seating,a heater and a small cafe have been included in the design.

I stayed for about an hour and a half before frostbite started to set in and I didn't see the Bittern,the Mandarin or the Jack Snipe.There were 11 Tree Sparrows on the Oak feeders which is a decent number but nothing else out of the ordinary about.

Nothing to point the camera at except a Tree Sparrow.The Blackcap shots were from my garden yesterday and as usual he turned up when it was gloomy.

As I write this it's snowing yet again.OH JOY !!!!!!!!!


Kevin Groocock said...

You should have come to Draycote, Max!I had a morning of "nothing special" and bitter winds!
The new hide is an interesting structure, do you know how the new areas will be accessed?
Nice Blackcap and Trees Sparrow.

Max Silverman said...

Kevin.I think a visit to Ice Station Draycote in this weather would finish me off.

I was told yesterday that the new hide will have it's own car park and access.I don't know if this is true.