Saturday, 13 February 2010


I didn't really need to see the doctor yesterday because I thought I knew what I'd contacted but it was nice to get it confirmed.It was Bitternitis of course a condition where it doesn't matter how often you have seen a Bittern and it doesn't matter how many shots you've got you still have to go again for another look.There is no known cure.

So it was again yesterday morning as off I went to the East Marsh hide at Brandon and this despite the cold, gloomy and wet weather.There were 3 other Bitternitis sufferers in the hide so wasn't alone.

As it has done all this week the Bittern turned out again and showed itself several times including a 40 minute preening session at the end of the open channel.This is a remarkable bird because it doesn't seem to be phased by all the cameras clicking away or the mobile phones that keep ringing out and on one occasion on Wednesday a hide flap crashing down.Perhaps it's deaf because all the other Bitterns I've seen before have been very secretive and only offered a glimpse deep in the reeds.

On the way back to the centre I spotted a Water Rail which was nice because I hadn't seen one for ages.

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