Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Another day out in the bitter cold.

I hope this blog is not getting boring because, as I wanted to go out again today with the camera,there was only one place to go with anything decent there and that was Brandon Marsh and the Bitterns.

As I nearly died with the cold in the East Marsh hide yesterday I decided to put on extra layers of clothing.This sounded like a good plan until, when in the car park,I put on the last two layers and found my arms would not go down below an angle of 45 degrees and this coupled with the fact I could hardly bend my knees and I was wearing my Russian cossack hat made me look a lunatic.I did notice that on my way to the East Marsh hide people coming the other way made a hasty retreat.

One of the Bitterns soon made a brief appearance which pleased the birders in the hide but it was another bitterly cold day and everyone had left the hide by the time it showed again.This time it was out for a good 15 minutes but only Kath and I had battled the cold wind that howled into the hide.Even that birding legend Bob Duckhouse had cracked and left the hide.

A few pics attached but the video Itook was a disaster as I'd got a setting completely wrong and burnt everything out.

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Kevin Groocock said...

You are getting too good at these Bittern images, Max - well done. What is your next challenge?