Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Brandon Marsh again.

Desperate to go out having stayed in for 3 days on the trot and despite the gloomy weather this morning I went to Brandon Marsh yet again.

Soon ended up in the East Marsh hide where we soon spotted a Bittern moving across the channel into the reeds but it was so gloomy no shots were taken by anyone.The birders who stuck out an hour and a half's wait in bitterly cold conditions (we had to close the flaps on one occasion when the weather got too bad) were rewarded when the Bittern showed in the open for nearly 30 minutes unfortunately with it's back to us most of the time.

Have taken another video which is yet to be processed but my attempts to get a better quality one than last time were dashed when I couldn't use the tripod I'd taken because I'd left the lens ring mount at home.What a burk!!!!

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