Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A Great Skua at Draycote Water.

Having done my early morning shopping I was thinking of a trip to Marsh Lane before the rain arrived when a message from young Mr. Steve Seal tipped me off there was a Great Skua at Draycote Water.Never having seen one I dashed over there at top speed.

Got there at 9.30AM and luckily saw some birders along the Farborough bank who put me onto it.It was several miles away in the centre of the pond but very nice to see through Richard May's scope.It flew a little closer later on but still a long way off.Here are some of the worst shots of a Great Skua ever taken but they are the only ones I've got!!!!!

There were quite a few Sand Martins zooming around which were nice to see.I tried to get some shots but this is a game only played by complete idiots.Here are my best shots.What an idiot I am!!!!!

A walk round to Rainbow with Francoise revealed very little.There were very few birds around which was very disappointing.Did get a distant view if the two GND's and a closer view of a Kestrel.

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Kevin Groocock said...

I think your Sand Martin's are rather good, Max. I would be pleased with them. Well done with the Bonxie - would have been there but bed was a "higher" priority!