Sunday, 11 April 2010

Another Garden Tick.

I decided on Saturday to stay at home and do some jobs I'd neglected for too long and give birding a miss.

Whilst cleaning the windows (what a lovely job that is) a loud cronking alerted me to a Raven flying high up above my garden.Managed to grab the camera to get some crappographs and a garden tick.

After doing some gardening in the afternoon and then seeing all my horses fall in the National I finally cracked and grabbed the camera and went over to Marsh Lane getting there early evening.

It was still and quite warm so OK then for the Barn Owl to put on another show but no this didn't happen.It had not shown when I finally left at 7.15PM.

A couple of Yellow Wagtails were showing in front of the Carpark hide but it was pretty dark when I caught up with them so not good for decent shots.I missed the White wagtail that had been showing there earlier.

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Alan said...

Sorry for any disappointment I might cause, Max, but I think your White Wag is a female Pied. The back looks too blotchy and dark.